150+ things to do

Ride a Gondola in Venice, Italy
ake a wish at the trevi fountainM
Ride the London Eye
Visit Colosseum
Go to Muse's concert 
Stand atop the Eiffel Tower
Try rollers
Have someone make me breakfast in bed. 
(Im not pretentios. Yougurt and muesli will do.)
Take a photography class
Swim in a fountain *wait I can't swim.. ok .. walk* 
Make a snow angel 
Visit Italy in miniature 
Smash a pie in someone's face
Go to an Ice Bar

Visit Cinque Terre 
Visit Dracula's Castle in Bran.
Live in a big city

Trip in a hot air balloon
Attend a festival of colours
Ride a water motorbike
Have an intercontinental flight
Set foot on all seven continents
Skydiving in Dubai (or somewhere with a great view anyway)
Watch the sunset from  Santorini, Greece
Swim with dolphins
Visit Niagara Falls
Go wakeboarding
Sleep in a Hammock
Vacation in Igloo Village
Ride on the Singapore Flyer
Party at Mardi Gras
See the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)
Ride Ferris wheel in Paris
Go Ice skating
Play in the fallen leaves
Festival of lanterns
Umbrella's street in Portugal
Visit Taj Mahal
Find a consistent work-out I love
Get a tattoo
Visit Neuschwanstein Castle
Attend a masquerade
Sunbathing at the pink beach in Sardinia
Go snorkeling
CN Tower Edge Walk
Do something that absolutely terrifies me
Ride a horse
Sing karaoke (it also terrifies me)
Go to Aguilera's concert (she has a great voice)
Visit a walk-through acquarium
Learn to tango
Get through the Longle at Hedge Maze
Explore the Great Pyramid of Giza
Walk on the Great Wall of China
Try surfing (Yeah I know how it sounds ..I stumbles in my own legs but I can try it, can't I?)
Foam party
Dance bachata
Trampoline bridge in Paris
Be part of a flash mob
Eat at an undersea restaurant
Try the roulette. once.
Ride a helicopter
Have a yacht party
Try flyboarding
Stay under the Hollywood sign
Throw a dart at a map  and travel to wherever it lands
Have a water balloon fight
Stay in an overwater Bungalow in Bora Bora
Go couchsurfing
Quit a Job that really hate
Write myself a letter and read it a few years later
See and photograph Christ the Redeemer in RIO
Visit Red Square in Moscow
Go to the airport and take the next random flight
Fly a kite at the Kite Festival
Kayak in the Bioluminescent Bay of Fajardo, Puerto Rico
Ride a Segway
Visit Legoland at Billund
Have my Portrait Painted
Visit Vatican City and all of its attractions
Party at the Rio Carnival
Leaning Tower of Pisa – visit it. * no, I wont climb it*
Go whale watching
Go to Madame Tussaud's museum
Learn  to swim.
Take a Submarine Tour
Stay at the Ice hotel
Walk on the Grand Canyon Skywalk
Walk the Golden Gate Bridge
Experience a Symphony of Lights on the Star Ferry
Play in the Mud at the Boryeong Mud Festival
Party on a Rooftop in NY
Have a long road trip with friends
Run through a field of sunflowers
Go on the skydeck in Chicago
Scuba dive .. 
Learn to play guitar
Find someone who will treat me right
Have a Christmas without any drama
Spend an entire day cuddling
Ride the “X” Train between Los Angeles and Las Vegas
Lay down on a field full of daisies
Watch the sunset with someone I love
Take a trapeze class
Forgive and let go of grudges (haha now that's harder than I thought)
Go to 30 seconds to mars concert
Take cute photos kissing in a photobooth
Find beauty and happiness in little things - (in progress)
Find the perfect little black dress
Have a 'scary' Halloween Party
Meet my favorite radio speaker ^_^(he's in Milano)
Go to Mini Europe in Brussels (I went to Brussels but it was closed)
Pink's concert
Visit every region in Italy (I might be somewhere in the middle)
Start driving
Own a convertible car
Ride the Bernina express train
Watch a movie at a drive-in
Go to an adventure Park
Run a marathon
Reach my goal weight at least for one day (looool)
Marry a good man (one day)
Take a sewing class 
Learn to cook
Wall climbing
Paint all by myself a furniture
Take a cruise
Drink beer at the Oktoberfest in Munchen
Go to Maldives
Plant a tree
Climb a mountain
Go Camping or glamping
Try skiing
Go kayaking
Ride a camel in the dessert
Climb the steps of the mayan ruins
Pilot a plane (can't believe I actually had the opportunity..but  hey it's me)
Heart-Sea Arch in Portugal
Watch a meteor shower
Have a tea party
See a glacier
Go Kart
Have fun in Las Vegas
Go on a Saffari
See a solar eclipse
Go fishing
Try rock cimbing
Try Pole Dance
Write something on wet cement
Bungee jumping (I don't believe I will do it)
Have fun at a beach party
Learn Deutsch
Spend a Christmas on a beach
Drive the autobahn
Be an extra in a movie
Learn how to make sushi
Visit Sex and the city set (is it possible?)

and for God's sake.. Just Live!


  1. wow is this a bucket list?..

    P.S. well, aleast you have money to buy yourself a camera and a trip to all over the world :.(. I wish I could travel. I've never been anywhere outside Stamford, only the super market was the farthest place I got to :(.

  2. Yes, you can call it a bucket list... and it gets bigger and bigger ...

    Oh,believe me... I would love to have money to trip all over the world, really! :)
    I am sorry to hear that .. Stamford looks good to me, anyway .. but I hope you will find a way to make your wishes come true ;)