Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Let it snow! let it snow!

Passo San Valentino, 1314m (Trento) february 2015
I found this in my drafts... and decided to post even if off-season, because it's not about a place - it's about an experience..about doing something for the first time and that was one hell of experience for me. I LOVE SNOW! but let me tell you that only by looking at these pictures I can still feel my butt freezing.
It was a group nightwalk in the snow on empty roads closed to the traffic, it was actually a hiking/biking track where there were nobody else..just us (I still think if this was a good or bad thing) and I swear I could hear a scary movie music in my head - you know one of those themes which are telling you that something bad is going to happen and you're like 'oh no, don't go there' that's it... And I can't say I was freezing because we were walking, but my face.. I couldn't feel my face...and it snowed the whole time very fast and the wind just blew everything in the face. And the snowshoes. I had no idea such thing existed till that day nor did I knew how to put them on or what were those things for - I was like a child discovering new things.
Luckily nothing bad happened. We had a dinner on the top of the track in a warm and cozy place and then turn back down to population.only this time different ways helped not only walking... I'll admit I was frightened.. but with a little help I did it... screaming I think:
haha I love trying new things and nightwalking in the snow in that place it surely was something indescribable.. Oh, did I mention that I was having a cold?:) but  who cares when there are new adventures to make.
Safe Travels ;)


  1. Brrr.. Looks a bit chilly, especially at night, but a great experience and a fun story to tell!

  2. Looks wonderful :) I'm with you on this one... I did a ski season this winter and came back utterly addicted to snow!

  3. This makes me so excited for winter! There's just something about snow that turns me into an excitable child again!

  4. Can you imagine I've only seen snow once in my life! I'm amazed after all my travels, how did this happen?

    1. No..unbelievable!! that the cold weather is should definitely go have some fun in the snow!

  5. Haha, how wonderful!

    For sure new experiences are always welcome!

    I just remembered the first time I saw snow in my life... and wow, it was with 23 years old! As a brazilian, I never had the oportunity in my homeland!

    But Anna is also an Ski Instructor, so she is way better dealing with all that cold than me :)

    We loved your story, keep the good work!

    Anna & Thiago

    1. haha that's amazing how you guys met=)))
      Do you like to ski?) did Anna teach you?
      I've never tried it before.. I feel like it's a good way to break something... but I'm also very curious...

  6. Oh this looks like it was a freezing cold night but what a cool experience! I would definitely have been grateful for a warm drink at the end of that walk! :)