Saturday, August 8, 2015


Liguria is the thinest and the smallest region of Italy. Genoa is the birthplace of Christopher Columbus and capital of Liguria and it's certainly big - the sixth biggest Italian city and the biggest seaport in Italy but the historic center is compact and walkable.
Many palaces, gorgeous churches, alleyways, an acquarium, a harbor and spectacular views - a wonderful city to explore.
The roadtrip to Genoa was a 'to do or not to do' kind of trip. I was thinking about but wasn't sure till the last second so I didn't want to get too excited about it and I didn't organise, plan, read or book anything. And since the whole roadtrip included many other places, I had 24 hours or less...
Redesigned by Renzo Piano in 1992, Genoa's ancient port area now attracts millions of visitors. The area hosts a lot of attractions such as Acquarium, Il Bigo and the scenic Bigo lift, the Bolla, Galeone Neptune - a replica of an old ship, the Museum of the sea and the yachts just make your walk more pleasant.
The Bigo – one of the most known landmarks of Genoa. Renzo Piano designed it as the occasion of the celebrations marking the 500th anniversary of the discover of America: the achievement of Christopher Columbus. The Bigo's shape recalls the cranes of the old cargo ships. And indeed, today as yesterday, the light of the Lantern, continues to guide ships into port.
I took the Bingo elevator to better enjoy panoramic views of the port, sea and city from different perspective and it was a m a z i n g!
Genoa's aquario is one of the biggest in Europe and makes a good spot from the afternoon sun. I stared at the playing dolphins for a really long time..   
Bolla – just outside of the Acquario, there's this huge crystal sphere I was really curious about that 'alien thing' - very original. It's Biosfera - a tropical garden with plants, birds and insects. Unfortunately I didn't get to see it because it was close ..
Neptune - is a tourist attraction, it's a replica of an old ship which was built in 1985 for the movie Pirates.
Palazzo di San Giorgio
Walking from the Porto Antico, I was struck by the colors on the Palazzo di San Giorgio, built in 1260, for its lavish depiction of St. George and the Dragon.  
As in any other itlian city, there are many churches in Genoa but the biggest is San Lorenzo’s Cathedral, the old black and white striped marble church.
The Gothic building was erected between the eleventh and sixteenth centuries; the green glass cup that is said to be the legendary Holy Grail is housed in the Treasure Museum inside the cathedral.

the view from the hotel room 
Pesto is from Genoa! Make sure you have a plate of Trofie al Pesto, the local pasta dish.


  1. Your photos are absolutely beautiful and well done for just going for it with little notice!

    1. Thanks!
      well..lately it happened that I got excited for a trip..and next thing I new was cancelled... so now I guess I'm a bit scared to get excited :))

  2. This looks like a great place and I love Italy already. I should do a trip throughout the country and go to see my favourite places and explore new ones. The views here look incredible and I love visiting a cathedral in these cities. Great photos and inspiration

  3. It looks like a great place and Genoa never was under my radar. Your photos are great thanks for sharing all these interesting tips

  4. Fantastic photographs. I had no idea Genoa was so colorful and beautiful. The architecture is spectacular!