Sunday, August 2, 2015


Heading north from Riomaggiore, the second village is Manarola, with population of 450 people.Manarola as Riomaggiore is characterized by the presence of the colorful house-towers and has preserved medieval fortifications which protected citizens from pirates.
It also has a small harbour where you can sink in the purest shore of the Mediterranean and there's a perfect spot where the most famous Cinque Terre photos are taken from.
Here's a curiosity about Manarola: the painted white pyramid that emerges among the tallest houses is a trigonometric signal for sailors (I'm not sure you get to see it in my photos). Another curious thing in Manarola is the elevator for boats. At the beginning I didn't catch the idea... why would there be an elevator.. and then I understood that it's actually an elevator for boats. To carry a boat from a stony bay it should be hanged on a block and lifted upwards, then placed on the square.

Beneath you will see some photos of the Manarola, Sentiero Azzuro and a guy that struggled for a good while till he decided to actually jump.. but as I said ...who doesn't want to dip in that emerald green see? ... So inviting..


  1. Whoa, this is the Italy I want to find when I go there. It's like going back in time, and so colourful too. Is it a popular / expensive place?

    1. It's very colouful and you should definitely go there! you will fall in love with this place :)
      Yes,it's popular, it's crowded on summer time and if you'll decide to go there.. don't repeat my mistake...even if the villages are tiny, stay there at least 2-3 days just to enjoy the beauty.. and book the hotel in advance... I found it a bit expensive...

  2. Did you try the jump? it really does look inviting! I'd never heard of an elevator for boats, but it totally makes sense!

  3. Gorgeous! I've never heard of this place. So many great places to see in Europe.

  4. Fabulous photos! My husband is Ligurian, so when we visit family we manage to get some day trips in to Cinque Terre and I love it every time!

  5. Nice photos. Cinqueterre is in my bucket list for our tour around Europe

  6. Looks like a lovely place in Italy! I would love to try and cliff jump into the sea.

  7. How gorgeous Manarola looks - beautiful architecture and such a unique setting.