Saturday, August 1, 2015

Cinque Terre - The enchanted lands

'If you ever get tired of life, bypass the therapist and decamp immediately to Cinque Terre.' 
Lonely Planet
And that's what I did when I felt my world was falling apart. Jobless and on a very loooooow budget I went to this short-but-full-of-wonderful-places-roadtrip cause nothing heals better than travelling does. The main destination was Cinque Terre, everything else that came along were spontaneous ideas .  
My desire to see this place started a few years ago when I saw a wonderful photo that left me speechless (well it happens often to me because the world is so big and full of marvellous places-all ours to explore) but that place was different..that place looked like an old postcard with the most dramatic coastal scenery formed by little multicoloured houses that climb the steep rocks .. that place was 'Cinque Terre'. I fell inlove and started immediately to search for a train that goes to Cinque Terre (stupid move, don't do it, it will get you nowhere.. you'll understand why) but without a car it's a pain in the ass for me to get there (so it took me a good while but I did it)! 
Cinque Terre National Park ("The Five Lands") located in northern Italy, the Ligurian shore, province of La Spezia. It is the smallest national park in Italy.. The Cinque Terre has been under the protection of UNESCO since 1997 and it's Italy's first national park . Cinque Terre is not a single place, don't search train or hotel in cinque terre because there are five tiny villages located inside Cinque Terre (Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso al Mare). All of them are really close to one another and each of them has its own recognisable appearance and doesn't look like each other. Rooted in antiquity, Cinque Terre's five villages date from the early medieval period and whithout doubt it's strenght is that seems from another dimension, far from the stress from the big citties, yet far from the tourist's paradise of 'all inclusive' where everything is carefully organized. That's why the cars – the most modern interference – were banned over a decade ago. Here you can find piled up boats instead of parked cars as we are used to. The sea that washes the Ligurian shore is considered to be one the purest in the Mediterranean. 

How to get around Cinque Terre? 
You can travel by train, foot and ferry between the villages of the Cinque Terre. 
The fastest and cheepest way is by train (€1.80 for a destination) Each of the five villages has a small train station. Riding these trains between villages is the easiest and most efficient way and it takes just a few minutes. The train goes almost all the way through the tunnel, you will have a feeling you are on the subway. The train goes out only near the stations, so that not to spoil the beauties of the landscape. 
By foot. Exploring the Cinque Terre National Park.
Tons of tourists from all over the world come to hike the trails connecting the five villages. 
The slow but most scenographic way is by boat. There are ferry boats running between the villages except for Corniglia. It’s actually the best way to see the landscape, although it’s not the fastest or the cheapest. I chose the boat. A daily pass from Riomaggiore to Monterosso al mare costs €15. If you want to spend a day village hopping, it makes sense to get a daily ferry pass. Each ride between the villages is about 10-15 minutes and you got amazing views from the boat.

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  1. This makes me want to pack up and go to Cinque Terre right this minute!

  2. Cinque Terre has been on my wishlist for quite a while and I'm beginning to get to the point where I feel momentarily demotivated, maybe it's time?!

  3. Now this looks like a place I see myself can exploring all day! Without getting tired of the sites!

  4. A friend of mine went there and I've been obsessed with it for at least two years. I wanted to go there on our last Italy trip but we didn't have time. I can't complain because we went to three other amazing cities and then ended up in Greece. I WILL get there!

  5. Sometimes Travel is the best way to get reinvigorated and inspired. This looks like the perfect place for that, you just have to follow your heart sometimes and it all works out!