Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Maroon 5 in Munich

 After Muse's live concert in Turin, 2 years ago I realized I love live concerts!
So last summer i've been to Soundgarden and James Blunt, I think I started to like James Blunt more after the concert. And this year ta-daaam Maroon 5 in Munich. I wasn't sure about it in the beginning anyway, but then I thought their last album is great, I always liked them so why not. It was a last second decision and now guess what - I love Maroon 5 much more than before!
The concert was great! I love Adam's pink guitar, the lights, his voice.. I love his voice, everyone was happy, singing and even dancing, great atmosphere and I still remember the girl behind me whistling like a cowboy... impressive!)
The show was started by Nick Gardner who has a nice voice, followed by MAGIC,I love their song 'Rude'. But it just seemed like a lot of waiting ...
Here's a video of a song that was totally new for me 'this summer's gonna hurt like a motherf**ker'
I'm sorry for the bad quality, I was very tired after a sleepless night and I was shaking .. and I want to believe I take pictures better than I make videos :)
And in the end I can say that I enjoyed every single moment of that show. And I would definitely go again to a Maroon 5's concert. I hear them now everywhere, literally and i'm so glad that I went, it would have been a waste to lose tickets to such an amazing show and Adam is nice and funny

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