Friday, November 7, 2014

Hostals in Barcelona

First of all I have to say that I paid everything and this is not an advertising post... everything here are just my own opinions based on my experiences.
Hostal Nitzs
While I was looking for a hotel, hostel or an appartment to book weeks before my vacation, I was a bit nervous cause the prices were high and the places didn't seem that nice or locations. While going somewhere for 2-3 days might be bearable, if you have a room that you hate on your 10 days vacation .. it can ruin it!
And while still searching, I almost fell inlove with this hostal.. It looked new and... (and fuchsia, ok, joking) I knew the trouble will be to get to the 4th floor with the luggage since the building doesn't have an elevator but it's not like you're going out with your luggage everyday, right?
Once there I wasn't disappointed at all! I really loved the place I stayed one week from my vacation (+1 extra day). It's a hostel that looks much better than many hotels.. It just has the shared bath but for the first time this wasn't a problem at all since it was always free and very well cleaned.. so were the rooms and comfortable and the staff helpfull and the location is really nice. It's a 3-5min walk from the metro station Jaume I(1 or 2 stations away from Barceloneta) and its a 7 minute walk from Las Ramblas
this is the view from the small balcony from the room I had in Nitzs
I stayed one extra night there after my flight was cancelled .. unfortunately the next nights I wasn't so lucky.. They didn't had free rooms and I had to find other place but it's not that easy to find a place on a last second and I searched many places in the area but it was full everywhere. So I moved a few floors beneath... in an other hostal. I thought 'how bad could it be ? ' Oh... you have no idea ..

Hostal Coral
its in the same building as Hostal Nitzs. I think the difference of price is really small but if I weren't in that situation, I would not go there even if the room has its private bath. It's really old and smells bad.. I think it might have some serious pipe problem.. and the bath is disgusting. I couldn't sleep how bad it smelled. I wanted to cry .. My vacation turned into a nightmare with the flight cancelled and that kind of room. It was really bad. So I thought there's no hell of the way I'm staying another night there... 
The next day me and a new friend I made in Barcelona, who also had the flight cancelled went to search a decent place to stay 1 more night. And after many 'we don't have free rooms' and many other disgusting places. We found this one :

Hostal Luisanne
It has a great location near Las Ramblas and Plaza Catalunya where is a metro station and all the aerobusses. We had the private room with bath. It smelled good and the room was clean and the guy from reception was really nice and helpful . 
So this was like our 'Happy ending' in Barcelona and we went to the beach the whole day and the next day we finally had our flights..

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