Sunday, October 26, 2014

Places to eat in Barcelona

Eating in Barcelona... (and now I'm scrolling down my check-ins on foursquare :)))
In Barcelona as in Milano, Venezia or any other European big city it may be very difficult to find a good place to eat delicious.. mostly you get just a nice place with not very good meal because there are so many tourists and they don't bother to think of satisfying the clients... in the end they'r just tourists and they are leaving soon .. :) and others are coming .. so mostly you pay for the location and not the food..
The first place I've tried in Barcelona (beside the Starbucks) was 
Tapa Tapa Xiringuito 
which is on Barceloneta beach ...and that's exactly the thing I was telling about that you pay for the location... Worst sangria I've had my whole vacation, not very friendly staff and the tapas were so-so.. I loved only the first tapas from the 4 of them.
Refresca Tea is a tea room I found accidentally while I was lost and searching for the hotel, it's somewhere in the gothic quartier and they have the best Ice tea and all kind of flavours and sizes. Perfect to refresh on a hot summer day.

Bliss restaurant it's near Jaume I metro station and I had my best Sangria there and a very tasty Paella .. it's that kind of hidden don't know where place with good food or we were just lucky or hungry :)) and the waitress was very  friendly.
And then there's my favorite place in Barcelona: Pizzeria Focacceria Toscana. The best pizza I've ever ate somewhere outside of Italy I think. The staff is italian and the place is always full and mostly of italians and I've heard only good words and everyone was satisfied. And italians know something about pizzas :)  
Wok to Walk
Located between Museu del Calcat and City History Museum and on Las Ramblas. Never ever again ... There are always lines of people waiting and even if they seem fast ... the service is slow in the end because it's only the 2 of them. The food is too spicy for my taste. But it's cheap.  

Ice Bar Barcelona
It's a small bar on the beach with -14C inside. I so wanted to go there and I liked it a lot.
Immagine a really hot night, when you're all sweaty and you go in that bar which is on the beach. They give you gloves and jackets. And when the cold strikes.. you just come outside, on the beach. Really awesome! 
Something you can't understand from the photos... this place is really really small. And it's one of those things I tend to try at least once. Inside there's a couch, Sagrada Familia ice statue, a bear statue and everything is made of ice ... even the glasses. Now be carefull with those... mine melted... hey it's made of ice... I made such a mess there. The people in there are very friendly, it creates a nice atmosphere. Everyone is happy and jumping and taking pictures... 

El Tinglado it's a nice and cozy place, it has a good location near the Moll del Gregal and arceloneta beach and it has very comfortable couches with many pillows ... perfect to relaxe while waiting to eat. The meal was average.. But I felt so good there that it covers up the not so good meal.

 Ferran 59
While going to Las Ramblas we found this nice bar.. we liked the strawberry mojito so much that we went the next evening as well.
And when in doubt for breakfast.. there's always Starbucks with free wi-fi and yummy ice tea to refresh on those hot summer days.

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