Friday, July 25, 2014

Ravenna - Mosaic Paradise

Ravenna is in Emilia-Romagna, in northern Italy. It's an ancient city of Art and a mosaic paradise. ancient city, 10 hours, a wounded leg and a burning desire to finally get out of the bed. Bad Idea.
But still bad decisions are my second name. 
I had a really ugly infection on my leg and after staying in bed for 2 months, I've decided I wasn't ready yet to go far away but I could at least visit a city. So there I went being irresponsible.. I bought the ticket for 6 places to visit in Ravenna and I only got to 2 of them because after walking the historic center my leg was hurting too much I wanted to cry so I've decided to just go and relaxe a bit on the beach. Another bad idea. Don't go with a wound on your leg anywhere near the sand. It's really really baaad. 
Ravenna is on the Adriatic coast - it has 9 beaches and 8 Unesco Heritage sites. One of them is sixth-century Basilica di San Vitale. It holds the most spectacular Byzantine mosaics:

 Labyrinth on the marble tiled floor of Basilica San Vitale

Basilica di Sant'Apollinare Nuovo

Another Unesco Heritage site - Mausoleum of Gala Placida:

infinite stars

From the outside looks like a random italian building ... but on the inside it's a real paradise... I just kept looking on the infinite stars and everything else.. Now that's Art.. It's incredibile beautiful. Something one must see in his life.

Basilica di Santa Maria in Porto

The historic center of Ravenna is mostly pedestrian. Here's a photo of the main plaza in Ravenna, 
Piazza del Poppolo

I was surprised when I found out that Dante's Tomb is in Ravenna. It has a form of a small temple. In the interior is a sarcophagus containing the remains of the poet, who died in exile in Ravenna in 1321 at the age of 56.
Ravenna's streets.
You can see mosaics even on the roads .. here's an example:
Perfect places to have a walk.. behind the Basilica di Santa Maria in Porto there's a park .. where you can have a picnic or simply rest a bit .
street art 
 Ravenna's beach... though in May the water was crystal clear ... in Summer usually it's not that clear..
Maybe I was lucky that day.. 
These are a few things I managed to do in one day in Ravenna... and a lesson learned: wait till you get better before going new places and walking too much...  

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