Thursday, May 8, 2014


Mantua is a small city in Lombardy and is surrounded by 3 lakes: Upper, Middle and Lower.
When you enter the city.. you have this beautiful view - (imagine this) : you have the city in the middle with its beautiful italian-old-style buildings and lakes on the sides. I don't know if I liked more the view or the view with the sun rising .. but it was amazing. Unfortunately I don't have a photo. I didn't expect to see something that beautiful before even entering the city.
I'll just post a few photos from my one day journey to Mantua.
 The Duomo (Cathedral of Saint Peter the Apostle)
 Palazzo D'Arco
 Upper Lake and a lonely traveller :)
it seems a heart .. 
Palazzo Ducale
 Piazza Virgiliana
  A thing I loved about Mantua are the doors... very beautiful and large doors. Old or new each of them catched my attention.
I never saw the pink parking sign. And I liked the idea of Parking for pregnant and with newborns.
In the end I had a great time with lots of laughs, sun, rain and very dirty boots.. 
Unfortunately both of the main plazas were in riconstruction so I won't post photos... it just doesn't reflect its real beauty.

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