Friday, May 2, 2014

A woman's right to travel

I won't talk about safety while travelling alone it's about something else... something I am deeply disappointed right now.
I've been laying in my bed 1month now (cause of a stupid doctor and a stupid leg infection) and I have finally kicked myself out of it and started to search a nice place to go even if I'm not completely healed... but here are the things:

If you want a good deal for a hotel (as I already whined about in my hotel vs hostel post) you must be a couple or you have to pay for 2 anyway.
If you want a good deal for a vacation - there you go -  it must be at least for 2.
If you want a good deal for something – anything. YOU MUST BE A COUPLE !
You can't go somewhere by yourself ? Is it illegal to be single or just to go somewhere A L O N E ?
What If I don't want to go with the lover or with the friend or with the sister what if I just need time all for myself and just want to be alone ... it's just so not fair. What about being independent ..
Do you need a +1 in order to spend less ? Well apparently you do ..  

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