Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Rimini: Italy in Miniature

The leaning tower of Pisa in miniature, which I hope to see soon in its original size...
Rimini is in  Emilia-Romagna, located on the coast of Adriatic sea. It is well-known as a season resorts, one of the most famous in Europe actually. The beach is 15 km long and surrounded by thousands of hotels, bars and restaurants. I was for the first time and it wasn't the season yet but it looks good to me. 
I'm a lover of every kind of parks..adventure parks, aquaparks, amusement parks or any other type of entertainment. And since I went to Brussells to see  Mini Europe only to find it closed, well it's been a while since I wanted to see Italy in miniature as well... so I finally went.
I have this thing for buying photos from these parks or different interesting attraction ... and usually they're unlookable, like this one:
.. but it's not about a good shot .. it's about the memory and fun that hides behind a photo.

The park is not very large but it's nice, I found it entertaining and it's a good way to discover Italy's main attractions - in miniature. I was amazed of the recreation in astonishing details of the miniature scenes even if I was a little disappointed by the dimensions.... I was expecting to see them a lot bigger than they are in fact. Also you can take a little boat tour on the 'grand canal' in Little Venice. 
Other than Italy in miniature and Little Venice, there are a few European attractions and also a few carousels and a rope jumping that makes it more interesting. 

Little Venice
a few of Europe's attractions:

In the mini Europe there are just a few things to see... it won't do any bad including some more attractions.
It's a good thing the ticket is available the whole year :) oh and the photo on the ticket is hilarious!

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