Monday, April 28, 2014

Places in Trentino-Alto Adige

There are a lot of good places in Trentino-Alto Adige and I don't pretend to know even half of them - because I don't. But I'll write about a few places which I loved most. And by the way.. I have a weird relationship with the food and I don't often talk/write about places where to eat/drink/snack but as I said I really loved these ones..
Hoorray.... free publicity )
I'm a huge fan of gelato and fruits. So, if you want a good gelato in Trento there are many places to have it... I enjoyed this one in  Bar Gelateria Torre Verde 
or Grom is always a good idea and it's right in the center of Trento.. in piazza Duomo. I've also had the best hot chocolate there.
or you can have a frozen yougurt or a good smoothie at Ci gusta! 
Delicious Iced Tea at Caffè Excelsior ...Perfect for the summer heat.
For a good drink, one of my favourite bars is Randrè. Awesome place, awesome spritz.
L'Anfiteatro Steak house is a cute place. They have 0,5m of pizza and everything looks and tastes good but in huuuuge quantities ... see yourself: 

 Restaurant Due Giganti...for a huge pizza . I don't always like pizza but that one was dellicious
Zushi. says it all.  Asian restaurant. I love it and I'm glad I actually have it here nearby as well.
p.s. I didn't like Wok for you instead, an all you can eat asian restaurant. That kind of restaurant was the main reason I didn't like Sushi for a long time .
Binario 79 - Da Ciolda, a nice bar in Pergine, sometimes there's live music.

Braci e Pizza Bandus in Levico Terme mmm I loved that place! Everything I've tasted was delicious. And as I've said before... I have a weird relationship with the food.
Officina Gambrinus the place is nice. Seems always full and sometimes there is also live music or disco.
And last but not least... gelateria Flora in Riva del Garda... it has that..7pages-menu (I think) of gelato. And it tastes heavenly good.

On an ending point - Don't judge this post .. it' s the first one i'm writing only about food and drinks ... and everything is from my 'traveller's' point of view.

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