Monday, April 21, 2014

Hotels vs Hostels

I thought about writing this post since many of my friends ask me 'what's a hostel?' and the next question is 'what do you preffer?'  So let's see....
Here's a photo of a hotel I really loved. I've searched my entire gallery and I couldn't find any photos of hostels unfortunately.
Hotels and hostels both provide paid accommodation. The difference is that hotels are more private, instead hostels are shared rooms usually orriented for a low-budget.

I've stayed in both, hotels and hostels and everything I'll write here is just like all the other things on my blog: my opinion based on my experiences.
Usually I choose hotels when I'm with someone and hostels when I'm alone. It depends of the city, reason and situation anyway.. 

The good thing about hotels is that you have your own bathroom, you have privacy and no one disturbes you.
The good thing about hostels is that you might get to know people from all around the world.. and  you  can exchange tips, advices and experiences. Sometimes you may even find a 'partner in crime' :)
The bad thing about hostels is that you have to share room, bath, and you might wake up at 5 o'clock because someone is about to leave or has just arrived.  But usually people are nice, anyway.
The bad thing about hotels is that if you go alone, you have to pay for 2 for a single room. This thing gets on my nerves and it's the main reason I choose hostels. Is it illegal to be single or to travel alone? why do I have to pay for 2?... it's just not fair!
The bad thing about hotels and hostels ... sometimes you may be very disappointed at arrival. When you book - you see the photos and when you arrive you see a different reality. 

I'll share something from Rome. I chose to stay in a hostel near the station the first night since I was alone and I moved to a 4* hotel with pool and everything the next one. (See the photo above)
Well... I loved the hostel (19 euros). It was clean, friendly and helpfull staff + I met 2 girls there and we went out and had a lot of fun, met other people, too and had a really good time till the morning. While the next day I lost a few hours to get to the hotel it was like 20 minutes away from the city by car. It was beautiful and all but I enjoyed more the hostel... its location. and oh, the hotel's price was 75euros just for me. So you choose what's more important for you.

I'll share and some not so good experiences as well... me and a friend booked this...THING in Milano (ok,it was me, but we chose it together!) first,we've walked like what seemed forever to get to that place... and I think the furniture (by this I mean beds... because I think this was everything that was there) were from the ancient times, not in a fancy way...  Everything was disgusting. I had that feeling that the walls were about to fall and most of all the bathroom... And then there was that other girl sleeping the whole time so we couldn't talk nor laugh nor cry.. well we actually did cry a little I think. Then If we wanted to go out.. there was the key for the all of us. And we went out and we had a good laugh about everything and we had fun so this should recompense somehow the shitty room we've had. And when we came back we woke up the sleepy girl. Can't even believe she slept the whole time. 

Or the hostel in Brussels .. it was near the station and that was cool. BUT my room was  right above the bar and believe me I had no fun at all .. They were so loud! laughing, talking loud and listened music till the morning.. 2 nights there and I was more than happy to turn back home and get some good sleep. Luckily on the site where I've booked there was a note to 'show some respect for the other members of the hostel and not to make too much noise'. Well .. imagine if there wouldn't have been that note... 

A tip for the hostel:
If you want to stay there, you might want to take a towel and flip flops.
A tip for both, hotel and hostel 
Read the reviews.and look not only at the official photos. Chances are you won't find what you see there. Look the photos of the members that wrote the reviews. 

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  1. He rule #1 - always make photos of the rooms I'm staying in. They are like a part of the photo-album of the place I visit ;)