Thursday, February 27, 2014

Wandering in Brussels

Brussels is the capital and the largest city in Belgium also it's the capital of European Union. Spoken languages in Brussels are French and Flemish. I heard that Brussels is like split in 2: people that speak French and those who speak  flemish and they don't get along ... mmh but I can get this.. sounds familiar to me.
Brussels is a city of tasty chocolate, waffels, french fries, beer and Art Noveau architecture. I chose to go there to see Mini-Europe. I really needed to have a trip.. maybe  it was the wrong destination or the wrong time... but it definitely didn't went as I wanted it to.
Brussel's central square is very beautiful, especially by night. Or even better, in august the whole square is covered in flowers - a big carpet made of flowers and every year has a different design .. I would love to see it someday but august is a busy month. Meanwhile I spent some time in the beautiful square without flowers.
Grand Place
A main attraction of the city is the Manneken-Pis bronze statue-fountain.
This statue of the little boy has become a symbol for Belgium. 
Another attraction of Brussels that has become a symbol is Atomium:
It consists of 9 steel spheres connected by tubes. 
You can go on top of the Atomium if you like to see panoramic views... but you must be prepared for long waiting lines...  you have to wait to buy the ticket, you have to wait the lift, you have to wait at the windows, and then again the lift...   but you get to see this:
 the view from the Atomium

Mini Europe is Brussels's one of the main attractions. I'll admit I went to Brussels to see the Mini Europe only to find it closed. I was really disappointed. But it's another lesson . Always check before buying the ticket.  
 Cinquantenaire Triumphal Arc 
A nice place to spend a sunny day if you still have time is Parc du Cinquantenaire
These galleries reminded me of Milano. And there is this place called Häagen-Dasz. A dessert shop.. where I've had the most delicious dessert ever. Yes, it was too much and yes, it was worth all the callories!  
...  daydreaming=)
Basilique Nationale du Sacré-Cœur inspired by Basilique du Sacrè-Coeur from Paris.
 A huge chocolate mannken-pis
Other photos I took in Brussels:
Grand place by day:
and by night..

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