Sunday, March 9, 2014

Carnival in Milano

This is about a funny weekend and a few shared photos ...
Everything has started by chosing a random weekend to visit some friends in Milano. I didn't plan anything. Except the dates. Guess what.. I chose exactly the carnival days and 8 march (by accident) 
and... let the fun begin!
Here, in the middle of the chaos and the foam war, I was really lucky to stay almost clean till the evening. really . And then some smartass decided me and my friend were looking too good to be at a carnival ... so .. yes, one cannot simply go to the carnival and stay clean :)  
Cheer up for PEPPA PIIIIIIGGG!!!  This was an incredible scene... In a matter of seconds.. there were like 30 childs screaming...  
It was crazy and I'm happy I was there. Besides I really had fun with my friends I've laughed all the night. And I also realized I really missed them. 
Milano...Bright lights..Big city.. and...Adios, amigos!

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