Thursday, January 9, 2014


H a p p i n e s s . . . spending a nice day in the snow. 
yaaaaaaaaaay!!!! SnoOoWw
Unfortunately where I'm living usualy doesn't snow and I really really miss it since in my country used to snow a lot in winter.
I don't practice ski  nor snowboard .. nor any type of winter sport... those aren't made for me.. I wanna have my bones whole and I barely manage to stay on my feet in the snow and not to roll on the streets.. 

someone must have had a really hard time getting out .. 
I wasn't freezing... not at all. I throw myself in the snow like a little child and I loved it.. it just felt good even knowing that i'll be freezing later... that feeling you get when you do crazy things... 
a funny Christmas tree :)))

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