Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Christmas Markets in Innsbruck

Shopping before Christmas in Innsbruck was a good idea. Besides.. even getting lost in a shopping center could be fun. or.. not.. Naah, not when you really need to find presents and realize you forgot your cell in the car. Anyway, I liked Christmas markets, I liked Christmas lights and I'm inlove with Innsbruck. It's a nice, small city and during Chistmas time the whole city is full of lights which is paradise for me. 

Christmas Markets

There's a very small bar called 360... I liked the place even being small, the spritz was terrible... but it has a really amazing view from the terrace instead. I tried to take a photo from the terrace and I'm ashamed, but I wasn't able to take a good photo.. it was freezing and I was shaking .. so this is all I managed to do
See you soon, Innsbruck!!

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