Thursday, December 5, 2013

Bora in Trieste

It's december and it is very cold. I would love to be somewhere on the beach instead of fighting the cold weather but here I am.. I found some older pics from last year when I was in Trieste...
It was COLD COLD COLD! the beginning of Bora ..   
I'll tell something, try to actually picture this... Back in my hometown, I used to stay in my room with the open window in the middle of winter while outside was snowing, with my friend taking all the covers possible and the biggest cup of hot tea .. so believe me when I'm saying that it was really cold there!!! 

I'll admit I was a little scared... It was difficult to walk and around you could see people running ... or running after their hats or other stuff.. It was scary. I got in the car and could actually feel the car moving from the wind.. So I couldn't wait to get back home faster where I could feel safe. embarassing, but true ...
The day before bora, the sea looks calm, huh ?)

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