Monday, December 30, 2013

Bye 2013

December is coming to an end .. and it's kind of a tradition for me to think about the year which is ending and all the things that happened during the whole year.

 I can cross the photography class from the 100 things to do.
It was a basic course and too much information for a newbie...:)) 

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Rollers ✔

A thing to cross from my 100 things to do
I have never had rollers. you know.. for my safety, but when I was little I used to want them so much. Since I never did, I've tried them now, when I'm no longer a kid.. There's still a video somewhere with me falling. I hope to never see it again. It's kind of childlish but I had fun and I am definitely crazy enough to do it again . 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


I want to share some photos from the Muse Museum in Trento. I don't like museums very much but I actually liked this one.

It's a new museum and it looks beautiful from the outside and in the inside as well.. it has a nice view, but I felt kind of sad for the animals ... 
There are 5 floors and a lot of interesting things to see and do. It's a paradise for the little ones since there are many interactive games. It's a museum with many things about our planet from the ancient times, with dinosaurus skeletons and other till now.. many facts about technology... interesting things. 

the underground is a greenhouse ...
They seem alive ... 
I had this feeling the little boy was about to turn his head and look at me .. 
 or I was staring at him .. as if to see will he glance ?
There will be something new in february ... maybe I'll go one more time to see . I'm curious because from the outside il looked good. also to see the view from the terrace since last time I couldn't because of the rain ..

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Bora in Trieste

It's december and it is very cold. I would love to be somewhere on the beach instead of fighting the cold weather but here I am.. I found some older pics from last year when I was in Trieste...
It was COLD COLD COLD! the beginning of Bora ..