Thursday, November 21, 2013

Torino. It's all about MUSE!!!

'Don't waste your time or time will waste you! ' 
true story, guys :)
The name of this post says it all. Our little trip to Torino was all about Muse... 
Last week I went to cinema to see Muse's dvd live at Rome. I can't  express  how many emotions i've experienced. I remembered their concert in Turin in june 2013.. and THAT was one hell of experience for me. 
First, because Muse is my favorite band, how many nights I dreamed about seeing them live... even more.. how many times me and my best friend have dreamed to go to their concert , (and many many tears in June 2010 and october 2012 because I couldn't go to their concert here in Italy..) 
Second, it was my  first concert on a stadium! 
and third last but not least - I went to the concert as I wanted... with my best friend! and not only her but another special person which made me even happier.. I mean.. having them both with me there - I couldn't ask for more!! well, I could! an autograph/photo with the boys .. but I can't ask too much, can I ? 
That was really crazy ... It was actually a dream come true and a thing to cross from my '100 things to do'  And everything went even better than I expected  - Live they sound even better than on the CD..
I had goosebumps during all the concert ... the sound, the lights, the smother, the fire ... I loved every single minute being there. And it was worth it all!! it was worth the trip, the road, the lost day at work .. I regret nothing .
Well, I'll skip the part about what happened after the concert..  I'll pretend I don't remember and I'll just jump to the few pictures we took in Torino 
Torino is a big city .. I'm sure there's much more of it to be seen ... but I'll turn back there only with some reason .. just like that - to wander on the streets I'm not sure I'd like to ...

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