Monday, November 11, 2013

Roadtrip to Croatia (part1)

My first roadtrip! yaayy !! I mean ok, I've had roadtrips with my parents .. but it's different..
We've had this roadtrip on Halloween. I was so anxious about it! 
We wanted a stop in Rijeka on Halloween night, then head to Plitvice Lakes spent a wonderful day there and finally arrive at Zadar (Zara) and enjoyed the most panoramic road of the mediteranean on the way back.
I've never been to Croatia before.. but I've seen many pictures and truth be said.. I was expecting something different. It's beautiful indeed but maybe I would have loved it more in summer, on the beach.. with all the places open. 
But we were lucky to have good weather this time of the year.I looove sunny days! 

On Halloween night what I wanted was to find a nice place and enjoy some kind of party but the place we've found.. well let's say it just didn't seem that nice ... people were scary anyway - I mean their costumes. i liked it but it wasn't what I was looking for so I  enjoyed more what we actually did in Rijeka:
Panoramic view from the Sky Bar, which I loved  It's right in the center of Rijeka and it also has good shots)  mine is called bloody screaming orgasm :))) and it's ... orgasmic.
  I also liked that bridge ... 
And the most colorfull wall as well

it just remembered me muse's - follow me song :)

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