Friday, November 15, 2013

Roadtrip to Croatia (part 2)

Zadar (or Zara) is the fifth largest city in Croatia and the second largest in Dalmatia. And there are a few spots I really liked there like Greetings to the sun and Sea organ. Watching the photos i'm becoming really nostalgic.. 
That sunny and beautiful day in Zara .. note that I'm writing this post while it's cold outside and it's raining here in Italy.
St.Donat and bell tower cathedral

And this is one of my favorites - Greeting to the sun!
It's astonishing - the 'dancing' colorfull lights ... just what I love! The colours were changing, creating different shapes... a m a z i n g!!! really . If I knew how beautiful it really is I would have add Greetings to the Sun on my '100 things to do' list.
I would have loved to spend more time there if it wasn't so damn cold that night.
And the second one - Sea Organ. So what happens there is that the currents of waves and their passage through musical pipes installed beneath the surface of the sea create an amazing sound, the so-called sea music, filling the large space od the seaside promenade.
The Town Centre in Narodni Trg (People's square)
a funny  souvenir in Zara.

As I wrote in my previous post about  Croatia, on the way back we enjoyed the most panoramic road of the mediteranean. Here are some photos from the road:
While in Croatia we also went to Bihac in Bosnia and Herzegovina, well we drove around it like 4 times I guess.. but nothing catched our eyes so we turned back to Croatia. disappointed.
The entire roadtrip was something new for me, new places and new memories. And I really hope to have more of them. I hope ;)

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