Saturday, October 5, 2013

Relaxe in Malta

Malta is a really small island, but beautiful in it's unique way. I arrived at midnight, and 1 hour later I was already wandering on St.Julien’s streets. And it felt so good…comforting and safe. I can’t even find the words to describe the feelings and the joy I felt. It was my first time there but I felt as if I knew those places well.
The ‘Love’ sign in Spinola Bay was one of the first things I’ve seen that night 
(view from the hotel)
I stayed at St. Julien’s Bay Hotel. It has a great location, bus station right near the hotel, a nice view and friendly and helpful staff. There’s even a pool across the street or Balluta Bay
Balluta Bay
I chose the 15 minute walk to the  St.George’s Bay, because I loved the beach. Small enough.. and crowded, no sand but rocks ( a good massage to your feet) it has it’s charm.
St.George's Bay and crystal clear water.

Rocco’s Lounge is a nice place in Paceville.
Even If I’m not crazy about Paceville. 
I feel weird actually saying this, I thought I would like it, I didn’t know how to escape that area instead..and as fast as possible…  am I too old? 
a little place that I call HEAVEN  - Dr.Juice bar. I loved it. It's so healthy! I think such places should be all over the world.  I would love to have one of those bars near my house :)) and if you want to make me happy - give me fruits!  see?  i'm not asking that much! 
There are many things you can do in Malta but there's one thing you cannot do:

Not that I wanted to ))) I just liked that they wrote the sign in so many languages just to make sure people understands it :))
I spent all the time on the beach. I would have loved to go to Comino and Gozo but I had not much time so I enjoyed my time on the beach instead. You can try diving, snorkeling, swim with dolphins, sightseeing tour bus, cruise and other things… I would love to try those things.
But I went to Valletta, a scary experience. But the city is nice .. I didn’t like busses … and roads .. too many curves. And the driver was very unpatient. That's why I call it a scary experience.

Anyway Rule number 1 in Malta be carefull on the streets! At least in London there are signs 'look left' or 'look right' . 

balconies in Valletta
Then I met those nice, crazy and interesting people who turned my relaxing time into a crazy time and I’m really thankful for the great time I had laughing my heart off))) 
Everything was so different from what I was expecting...I wasn’t disappointed thought…
The buildings, balconies, architecture … everything is so different from what I’ve seen till now. the houses, pastel colours.. I like it.
I had bad luck at the airport. Those were the longest lines I’ve ever seen.. and  in Malta they confiscated my favorite tan lotion which I knew I won't find there .. and thinking that I didn't took a body lotion just to have that. It was new and I really loved it. And all I got was ‘only this we confiscate’ GREAT! 
I was sunburned when leaving Malta, 30°C there and it was raining and very cold when I arrived in Italy .. such a delusion .. I came in shorts, top and flip flops… to find everyone here in boots and coats.. ugh..

some photos..
Spinola Bay

a nice quote in Paceville
and just a reminder to smile more often. 

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