Sunday, October 27, 2013

A fantastic weekend at Limone sul Garda

I'm having a really hard time finding the right words to describe that amazing weekend. My head is a bit of a mess now and I'm trying my best. It was one of those moments when you leave absolutely everything behind you.. your troubles, fears, thoughts .. take your suitcase and just go.
You don't even know where exactly you're going.. But you're excited and anxious. That's exactly how it was for me that weekend - full of beautiful surprises. I'll even tell that this time it wasn't even organized by me. And that's what it maked it even more fantastic .
That's how it started ... with the show of a cover-band of MUSE. 
Muse! I mean wow, it's my favorite band and the last thing I expected that night was to see a cover-band. I was very, very happy! and I haven't screamed, but I so wanted to. really! .. just didn't want to draw too much attention.
Trento's nightview. I can't get tired of nightlights. I love them. 
It was the beginning of October and I was amazed to see snow on the top of mountains. I still have troubles dealing with the end of summer and autumn depression...
So, the destination was: Limone sul Garda. 
Does the name actually come from Lemons? I heard that it doesn't. Even if they do grow lemons there.
I love twilight. Beautiful. Deep.Colorful. Twilight. No matter how perfect the day is, it always has to end, right ? 
Garda Lake
Cactuses. I find them kind of sad. I think no one loves them... I actually tried to hug it.(kidding)

A long night walk to see Limone sul Garda by night:
Isn't this amazing?  Is it just me that finds it really beautiful? 
and we weren't  the only ones having a night walk.. there were many goose as well. very noisy ones :)
Next thing I've seen that weekend was incredible! It was marvellous and thrilling  the same time... It's a hotel's terrace in Tremosine that has this breathtaking panoramic view of Garda Lake. 
This terrace is basically in the air... it is really amazing...  and unfortunately I don't have a photo from aside. I was so impressed that the last thing I was thinking about was  the photos. It was terrifying to come near the edge, but it was worth it. You can't simply describe that view - you just have to see it.
And here's the aghast view from the terrace when u look down.nice,huh ? :)
These and many other incredibile and beautiful things happened that weekend.. and I loved and enjoyed every single moment of it! ... 

and my message to someone that made this weekend happen.. 
If you actually happen to see my post, than once again a big thank you! I really appreciate it! and I loved that unknown part. Hope to see it again... soon..? 

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