Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Daytrip to Belluno

Here's the short story of my trip to Belluno.. It was totally unexpected, but I had a lot of fun and not a single f... was given that day, it  was just at the right moment and when I needed most. So, big thanks to those nice people :) In Belluno, I visited the Vajont Dam (in Longarone), where 50 years ago happend the disaster that killed ≈ 2000 innocent people.

simply beautiful panoramas of mountains and lakes.
The amazingly beautiful Lake Barcis is in the heart of Valcellina .  You can  have some fun there like sailing, surfing, snorkeling, kayak, canoe, speedboat racing and other interesting stuff...  
Me? I just enjoyed the beautiful view in that sunny day.
I just LOVE the perfectly clear, turquoise water!!! 

at Santa Croce Lake
Another wonderful place for outdoor activities, Santa Croce Lake is the second largest lake in the region, after Garda Lake.
a stop at Beer-house Pedavena and ... must go on :)

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