Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bright Lights...Big City... Paris!

Audrey Hepburn once said that Paris is always a good idea. Well .. I think things kind of changed a bit since then. I love you, Audrey, but Paris is no longer always a good idea... 

2 days after coming from London, I had 4 free days (which is a lot for me :) .. so I've decided to  actually listen to Audrey and spend them in Paris. I really needed an escape...(ohh who am I kidding, I always need it.)  and I thought it was a good idea at the time .. 
It's always good to see new places ... isn't it? but I didn't quite liked Paris and I can't even explain why but I did like Champs Elysees, Arc de Triumph, Eiffel Tower by night, Montmartre and Laduree shop.
Walking down the street from the Arc de Triumph, there is Jardin des Tuilleries where I stopped to relaxe a bit, enjoy the sun and just watch people walk by.
I keep repeating that I don't like museums and I'm sorry for that .. But I wanted to see Louvre and I didn't... I didn't have the patience to wait.The waiting line was just too long.
+ I wasn't alone there and my company didn't actually wanted to go inside. So.. maybe next time - if I'll ever go back to Paris.
The main attraction of Paris .. -  Eiffel Tower
It's beautiful and I enjoyed staying on the grass in the morning when is less crowded. If you have some time - enjoy a picnic there ;) Still, my favorite view of the tower is by night.
Of course I hate the waiting lines  but that one was the only one totally worth it! 
I'll modestly say I really love the photos I took in Paris. Enjoy a few of them:
bright lights, big city...
she dreams of love ... :)

And here are my favorite spots in Paris besides the Eiffel Tower by night: Lover's Bridge and Wall of Love. Simply amazing. I haven't seen so many lockets in my life!!! 
Crossing that bridge, I was wondering how many couples have promissed to love each other, that's so cute and romantic ... *sighs*
The Palace of Versailles
Make sure you have the whole day to enjoy the Palace of Versailles and the beautiful gardens. 
It takes 30 minutes to get there by train. I just loved it .. It's a pity an unexpected change of weather made me rush through it ..  but I felt I was beginning to catch a cold.. so I almost ran back in town... that's why there aren't many people in my photos :)

mmm... some yummy cupcakes!
You can't go to Paris without eating some macarons from Laduree!! another waiting line I made without much grumpiness. 
Ok, ok, I'll admit it. It wasn't THAT BAD ... maybe it's just about the way I felt there.. It wasn't that good either.. or maybe I need another trip, or to see things from different perspective. We'll see... 


  1. Thanks for sharin' your photographs with everybody (and me)..I encountered the "Tour Eiffel" with tullips and started lookin' at the other photographs as well. In the end I even found myself reading every line of the it wasn't THAT BAD..haha..Do visit Amsterdam sometimes, every two years there is an event called 'Art Zuid' ('Zuid' is the Dutch name for 'South') it is sort of an open air museum. There are famous artist and starters. It's big art, litterally, so art that is brought to the public with big cars and so..but it's not every year..I regret to see the next sculptural route in Amsterdam is only in each case thanks for your beautiful pictures. Sonja, februari 17 (the only thing I missed was a date)

  2. Thank you Sonja! I really appreciate :)
    so what do you think about Paris?

    and yes, I would love to visit Amsterdam someday! maybe in 2015 so I could attend the Art Zuid ;)