Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Travelicious memories

I have already talked a little about myselfNow I'll say something about Travelicious Memories.
Recently I have lost almost all my photos and information from my notebook... my travel diary and all my personal stuff.. I almost had a heart attack... Luckily I still had something on my memory sticks and social networks. But all the photos from at least 1 year are gone...
So I have decided to start a blog, actually this is an old idea, it just scares to share my thoughts, especially since English is not my mother tongue and I'm not that good at writing either, but I'm doing my best ! :)
Now I'll try to write about my past and latest trips, I'll try to remember those awesome moments, while about the upcoming trips I'll share everything I can.

Anyway, i'm heading to Rome next days. Can't wait!

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