Saturday, September 21, 2013

Rome.A trip to remember

Rome is old and huge. While I was there, I couldn't help but wonder how old that city actually is...
with an awful traffic, tangled streets and let's skip the part about parking. So, if you don't know the streets ... don't rent a car or you're only gonna lose a lot of time in traffic (or the train, like me) and you can easily get lost even with the navigator.
I arrived late at the hostel, where my roommates were preparing to go out since it was their last night in Rome. At their question would I like to join them, what do you think I answered? 'Of course!' Forgotten was the tiredness after a day of work and the loooong road. At midnight we went to 'Meeting Point' in Piazza Bologna, a nice place overcrowded inside and outside  and all the plaza. It was beautiful, you meet new people and everyone is happy and having a good time.
After having a drink, we've decided to have a walk nearby which ended with seeing Piazza Venezia, Piazza Navona, Foro Romano, Collosseo and arriving back to the hostel in the morning. It was my first experience of this kind. We had a lot of fun! That's why I like hostels.
Dancing and running on the grass in Piazza Venezia (with the police car behind my back) meeting a super-cute and crazy couple, a bride at Collosseo - this and many other things happened on my first night in Rome.
The second night  in Rome took me and my friends on a late night visit to the Trevi Fountain. We figured that the place would be empty at that hour. We were oh so wrong ... I was so excited to be at Trevi that I actually forgot to make a wish while throwing the coins :))
It's said if you throw 1 coin - you'll come back to Rome 2 coins - to fall inlove with a Roman, 3 coins to marry this Roman. or divorce. or something like that.. I still have to do my researches.
A tasty dinner at Cafè de Paris and another tour around Rome by night.
and a small tour the third day.
Piazza Venezia where I have laughed whole heartedly.
a little overcrowded :).. the spanish steps.
roasting chestnuts
In the end, to be honest, my favorite thing about Rome, was the fantastic people I met and the amazing times we've shared. And I haven't seen well the city,I still miss many things .. but I had a really good time. And I want to thank everyone for this!
Yes, we love Laduree!

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