Sunday, September 22, 2013

Rome.Losing the train.

OK, this is really embarassing... and it happened for the first time to me. 
So, my adventurous trip to Rome, ended up with losing the last fast Italo train for that day, from Rome. The trouble was that I absolutely had to be at work at 7 o'clock in the morning next day. 

Well it all started with Laduree shop and Tiffany's &co ...  and I thought that we had enough time to get to the station by car. oh I was so wrong ... the iphone died so we had no gps and we didn't know the streets in Rome and  had no ideea how to get to the station. So I was literally fu**ed up.

When I finally got to the station (I already knew I've lost my train) I found a night train... so I spent the whole night on rails... for the first time. With a broken window which opened from time to time... and scared the hell out of me. and the door opened all by itself a few times. very creepy..  That was quite an experience...

But it was not over! The train from Rome arrived 1 minute late, so I lost the other train I needed to take to get home - just 1 minute! so I told myself, ok there must be a bus, so I ran to the bus station. with 2 luggages. I arrived there only to see my bus leaving. bad luck ? another minute, even less ... I was speechless...I finally took the next bus and arriveed at home to let the luggages and headed straight to work. after 9 hours on the road... that's why I called it  Rome - a trip to remember.

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